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Three day eyelash extensions course for beginners who have no experience in applying lash extensions. This class will give you all the tools you need to create a full, beautiful lash set every time. You will learn different ways of customizing eyelash extensions for each clients unique lashes. 

 Classic Class 

This class is ideal for:

Students or those who are searching for a career that allows you to work on your own schedule. This course is for beauticians who want to offer a high demand service, love giving clients an instant transformation, and making great $$!

What you will learn:

You will learn everything you need to know in order to start your own practice and be able to promote your business. ​You will practice on a mannequin and live model. Please note that a model is required and is not provided.


  • Break down of lash growth cycles, lash safety, and all tools needed for a perfect lash set.

  • Adhesives to use and NOT to use and why.

  • How to do a proper consultation, who is a candidate and why. Alternative solutions for those who are not.

  • Learn to give a full, even classic set every time and how to do a touch up and removal.

  • After care instructions for your client + how to address concerns. 

  • Where to purchase quality materials/tools.

  • Tips on building your brand/reputation/keep life long clients.

Professional Kit (Included)

  • Travel caboodle 

  • 8-12mm C curl .15 and .12

  • 2 Lash tiles

  • Adhesive + sponges

  • 10 Hydragel eye pads

  • MT tape

  • Micropore tape

  • Lash and micropore brushes

  • Fan

  • 2 tweezers (+$55)

  • Leather tweezer case (+28)

(Tweezers and case may be purchased to what you prefer, The tweezers and case I recommend are a bit more expensive but in my opinion worth it!)

After Completion

  • You'll earn a Lash Artist Certificate

  • 1 Hour refresher course is included. (within 6 months of completion date)

  • 15% Discount on volume & lash lift courses

Class Cost

Classes are capped at 4 students , giving each student individual attention as we all learn in our unique ways. Let us know what dates you are available and we will add you to a group! 


Classes are scheduled when a group of a minimum of 3 are available on the same dates. Share with your fellow Estie/Cosmos! 

A model is needed for every day. Refunds will not be given for no show models. 

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